DRY weather and the allotment: What would you do on an allotment with less water?

Date: 23rd May 2018, 10.00-16.00 Allotment workshop_23rd May 2018_flier v6 (002)

Location: University of the West of England, Bristol (BS16 1QY)

Workshop hosted by the NERC DRY (Drought Risk and You) project, National Allotment and Leisure Gardeners Association (NSALG) and About Drought (knowledge exchange about drought)

Background: The DRY Project is keen to work with groups who may be the first to know of dry conditions in their communities: people who notice early when there is a lack of rain and when soils are dry – allotment holders are one such group!

We’d like to know your different ways of using water in growing food (e.g. across cultures), and the seasonal demands that different crops have for water.

Allotment workshop_23rd May 2018_flier v6 (003)Who will this workshop interest?:


•allotment groups involved with the DRY project

•local growing groups

•groups interested in community adaptation to water risk and climate change

•groups involved in plant growing/horticulture in different ways

•groups involved in teaching

•others with experience in growing in water-restricted conditions!

Your chance to: Join people with similar interests for lively discussions and a chance to share your views and experiences and contribute to ongoing research. A cartoonist will also be illustrating our discussions live!


Allotment workshop_23rd May 2018_flier v6 (004)At this lively and interactive workshop, we will work together to share science and seek your views through:


• Sharing stories and videos from allotment holders

• Asking ‘What if?’ about drought-risk in the future

• Sharing new science on forecasting and predictions

• Exploring together how a lack of water might change ways of growing

• Asking your advice on making useful resources for other allotment holders

Free event: This event is free and includes a buffet lunch and refreshments. To take part please register by clicking this link or emailing dry@uwe.ac.uk. Please contact us if you have any dietary requirements.

For more information:

DRY project – www.dryproject.co.uk / NSALG – www.nsalg.org.uk / About Drought – aboutdrought.info






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