Help needed to compile a photomap of the UK

May saw low rainfall across much of the UK. Large parts of northern England and Scotland, as well as south-western England, East Anglia and Wales, experienced between 30 and 50% of the long term average for May. June has been hot and dry, with no significant rainfall for more than two weeks in many places and temperatures above 30 C recorded on 26th, 27th and 28th June across the UK.This has been great for people wanting to have barbecues or go to the beach but is causing problems for gardeners with empty water butts. In the last week the hot dry weather has caused problems on the roads, as shown in this picture taken from the Daily Mail:

Gritters have hit the streets of the country in a bid to stop the tar on motorways and vital access roads from melting away in the burning heat

Ayling blog July 2018 1

In the DRY project (Drought Risk and You), we would like to learn how different activities and places in the UK are affected by the dry weather. One way to do this is by looking at photographs. Last year we asked you to help us by sending in photographs of how dry weather has affected you, your family or your locality. This year we are asking for your help again.

Harry West (Graduate Tutor in the Department of Geography and Environmental Management at The University of the West of England) has set up an on-line map to which your photographs can be submitted. Click the image below to follow the link:

Ayling blog July 2018 2

Please upload your photographs onto our map. When you upload your photographs please indicate the date it was taken in the description.



Thank you

Sarah Ayling

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