The DRY project is developing different types of resources:


Conference Papers

Team members have presented at national and international conferences on a range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary themes. A selection of these papers are published here.



As part of our project blog Professor Mike Wilson has created vlog posts around a number of topics related to narrative and digital storytelling. We are also trying to capture some of the reflective exercises the team is carrying out around interdisciplinary understandings of key terms related to drought risk. The videos can be found here.



We are collecting conversational narratives, digital stories and opinion pieces around drought risk, speaking to farmers, artists, businesses and community members. Some of these can be found here. Please let us know what you think or share your stories in response.


Associated Websites

DRY project is working collaboratively with local and national organisations and is part of a broader package of work related to Drought and Water Scarcity in the UK. Please look here for associated projects. Let us know if we are missing anything.”

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