Interdisciplinary project team

The research will be delivered through an interdisciplinary approach involving a new and novel group of project partners that capitalises on the conceptual and methodological expertise of the team members.

Our project will integrate arts, humanities and social science research methods, with hydrological, meteorological, agricultural and ecological science knowledge, through multi-partner collaboration.

The project team weaves together different threads in the following ways:

Narrative enquiry

  • Professor Mike Wilson – creative industries/storytelling – Loughborough University
  • Dr Joanne Garde-Hansen – media and memory – University of Warwick
  • Dr Caitlin DeSilvey – cultural geography – University of Exeter
  • Professor Lindsey McEwen – water resource management/oral history – University of the West of England
  • Dr Antonia Liguori – digital storytelling / oral history – Loughborough University
  • Dr Liz Roberts – cultural geography – University of the West of England
  • Dr Sarah Ward – Environment and Human Health – University of Exeter

Drought science modelling

  • Dr Ragab Ragab, Dr James Blake, Dr Jose Moyano
    Dr Yan Weigang, Dr Egon Dumont, Dr Virginie Keller – hydrology – CEH, Wallingford
  • Dr Jill Thompson – ecology – CEH, Penicuik, Scotland
  • Dr Ivan Grove – agronomy – Harper Adams University
  • Dr Andrew Black – drought-flood continuum – University of Dundee
  • Dr Sarah Ayling – ecology – University of the West of England
  • Mhari Barnes – University of Dundee

Drought impact domains, engaging stakeholders in decision-making

Specific team members will take responsibility for co-ordinating six domains across seven catchments:

  • Dr Mathew White, Dr Tim Taylor – health and wellbeing – University of Exeter
  • Dr Martina McGuinness, Dr Jon Morris – business and agriculture – University of Sheffield
  • Dr Colin Booth – built environment – University of the West of England
  • Dr Mark Everard – ecosystem services – University of the West of England
  • Professor Lindsey McEwen – public and community engagement – University of the West of England
  • Professor Mike Wilson/Dr Joanne Garde-Hansen – social and cultural systems

Catchment leads

Each case-study catchment has a lead project team member:

  • River Frome – Professor Lindsey McEwen / Dr Liz Roberts
  • River Don – Dr Martina McGuinness / Dr Jon Morris
  • River Fowey – Professor Lindsey McEwen and Dr Caitlin DeSilvey
  • River Pang – Professor Mike Wilson / Dr Antonia Liguori
  • Afon Ebbw – Professor Lindsey McEwen / Dr Liz Roberts
  • River Eden – Dr Andrew Black
  • Bevills Leam – Professor Mike Wilson / Dr Antonia Liguori

The lead will manage the Local Advisory Group of local catchment stakeholders that will meet every six months.

Key bridge people

Key bridge people with significant experience in interdisciplinary/engagement working:

  • Professor Lindsey McEwen, Dr Emma Weitkamp,
    Dr Margarida Sardo – science communication
  • Dr Andrew Black – cross hydrological science continuum, with social sciences
  • Dr Adam Corner – Climate Outreach and Information Network
  • Dr Caitlin DeSilvey – engagement

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