Bridging Science and Community Knowledges

In this video Professor Mike Wilson (Loughborough University) reflects on a talk given at the MeCCSA Conference 2016

La ‘Rasgioni’: Conflict Resolution and Water Dilemmas

Professor Mike Wilson (Loughbrough University) describes ‘La Rasgioni’ as a traditional form of performative orality that aims to solve arguments, conflicts and disputes within the community by drawing upon experiential knowledge, reconciling opposing views and conflicting interests in a way that builds resilience and reinforces community cohesion. In DRY Project we are going to develop and reimagine this form with our community partners.


(Inter)disciplinary reflections on meaning: scenario

How can we discuss future drought risk in periods with water excess?

‘Scenario-ing’ – as a possible way in- has the potential to release the mind to explore possible futures – free from the constraints of current water realities, current water governance, current institutional or personal thinking.

But what of different disciplinary and professional understandings of the term ‘scenario’?


Imagi(ni)ng water. Walking by a river with Jack Perks

On Tuesday 17th November, Antonia Liguori and Lyndsey Bakewell (Loughborough University) met Jack Perks ( in Nottingham to talk about his professional interest in wildlife and underwater photography.


Stories as a way of getting people into the debate

This video is an extract of the seminar “I can’t remember the name of the dog…”: Stories about (and not about) drought, flooding and climate change.

“Verse Narratives” – a way of listening to and transcribing a story

In this video, Professor Michael Wilson (Loughborough University) reflects on how we analyse stories, how do we extract data from stories.

And proposes the “verse narratives” as a way of listening to and transcribing a story.

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