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UK Drought and Water Scarcity Programme

Five-year interdisciplinary programme which support improved decision-making in relation to droughts and water scarcity by providing research that identifies, predicts and responds to the interrelationships between their multiple drivers and impacts.


DRI-STREAM project – Drought Impacts on Stream Ecosystem Functioning

DRI-STREAM project uses novel mesocosm experiments to explore the resilience and vulnerability of freshwaters ecosystems to drought and water scarcity, with a view to understanding and predicting the ecological impacts of future climate change, including more extreme events.


Earth2Observe – Global Observation for Integrated Water Resource Assessment

The overall objective is to contribute to the assessment of global water resources through the use of new earth observation datasets and techniques. Integrating earth observations, in-situ datasets and models, the project will construct a consistent global water resources reanalysis dataset spanning at least 30 years.

Twitter: @EartH2Observe

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