The sound of water by Giles Rickard

The DRY project is working with the Rivers Trust in several of our catchments as a key stakeholder on river management. Giles Rickard is a Land and Fisheries Officer with the Westcountry Rivers Trust and has been involved in the project since we started our work in the River Fowey catchment. He is part of our Local Advisory Group there. We have a DRY Local Advisory Group (DRY-LAG) in each of our catchments, meeting every six months to feedback on local level activities, share local knowledge and advise on how best to develop the project at the community level.

Liz Roberts (project team) met with Giles on a stretch of the River Fowey in August 2015 to discuss his role within the Trust and the implications of drought and heatwaves on his work and on river ecosystems. This video reflects that conversation and tells a story of a tree-lined river, vulnerable coastal streams, and feeling the early effects of changes in climate in the South West, such as increased summer water temperatures and fungal disease associated with low flows. The Fowey catchment is unique because of strategic reservoirs that compensate low flows in the summer.


Promoting Water Efficient Behaviour

A digital story made by D. Scott Borden
Exeter, February 2016

Allan’s memories: a view from the sky

A digital (conversational) story by Allan Mott
Holme, June 2015


Talking about water saving at The Royal Oak

Lostwithiel, June 2015

People’s perception about flood and drought

A conversation with Martyn Alvey – Cornwall Community Flood Forum


Drought awareness, scientists and media

by Laura Denning Lostwithiel, June 2015


Laura’s memories about the drought of 1976

Lostwithiel, June 2015


Visual Research: From Viewed to Viewer

A digital story by Alfred Gilbert

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